Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Kicks!!!

This morning around 5:45 I rolled over from my back to my right side and Baylor stared kicking away. He did it several times. I just kind of froze. I was scared if I moved he would stop. It was such an AMAZING feeling. It kind of felt like hard twitches, so I'm pretty sure it's him. I've been feeling random fluttering for weeks now, but now I guess he's big enough I can actually tell it's him.

So that was my great start to this Tuesday. That was until 12:45 at work I was turning the corner in our hallway and slipped on water from our leaking roof and fell on our scale. I have a big goose egg bruise on the inside of my left knee and another one on the outside of my right knee. Then whelps all up my right leg. I called my doctor's office even though I did not fall on my stomach it was a very hard fall on my side. They had me come in and listen to Baylor's heartbeat and heart sounds. All sounded good so I left there and came straight home. Now I can barely move. I'm having to hold on to the walls or anything around me to walk. I'm in a lot of pain. I just hope I'm back to moving around by tomorrow.

I have a busy week ahead so I have no time to be sick or hurt. I'm in a wedding this weekend for my very close friend, Courtney. I'm so excited for her and I can't wait to start all the wedding festivities. I will take lots of pictures over the weekend to share!

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