Saturday, July 18, 2009

20 Weeks!!!

I'm sorry I don't have my usual cute little food to illustrate Baylor's size,but the site I usually download it from isn't working today.

My journal says now that your baby has stretched his legs out a bit, his length is measured from the crown of his head to his heel. The average fetus is now about 9-1/2 inches long and weighs around 9 ounces. A smooth white layer of verniz caseosa, a natural substance that's like baby's first moisturizer, covers your baby's body to protect the skin while living submerged in its watery home.

Also around this time, he starts converting waste into dark and sticky meconium, a "pre-poop" that will probably test your skills as a baby wiper during your first few diaper changes.

That's all that is happening right now with little Baylor! I can defiantly tell he is growing. His kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger. He still likes to move around anytime from after midnight til early morning. I'm feeling pretty good at half through this pregnancy. It's been a week since I got sick last and I'm getting more energy. It just doesn't last very long.

I'm hoping my fabrics arrive sometime early next week so a decision can be made on the bedding, glider, and the rest of the decorations. Jonathan and I are heading up to Birmingham next Saturday to take our bed in the guest bedroom up to his parent's house. We also have decided to switch the nursery and office because the walls are longer in the office and the closet is bigger. Once we get the bed to B'ham we have a busy week ahead of painting and moving everything from the office to the other room. Then it's time to start painting the nursery! It seems like we have so much to do,but at least it will make the time go by a little faster.

Our next appointment is a week from this Monday. It is our follow up at UAB. This means we'll be making 2 trips to B'ham in 3 days, but we are thrilled to see our sweet Baylor again!

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