Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UAB Appointment!

I'm sorry I'm a couple days late on blogging about our appt. My mom and I headed up Monday morning and we ended up having a really good appointment. The first thing I had to do was watch a 15 minute presentation about what my appt would be like (procedures, risks, common health defects, etc). When we completed the video we met with one of their genetic counselors. She went back over my blood results and my risk levels based on that. Mine were 1 in 84 and I can't remember exactly what it should've been, but I think somewhere around 1 in 500-1,000. She then went over a few more optional tests, but I declined everything except for the targeted ultrasound. We then were sent back out to wait on the doctor to come get us for the ultrasound. There were 2 doctor's and 1 tech in the ultrasound room with us. The set up was really nice. Those of you who watch baby stories on the Discovery Channel and TLC have seen offices with a big flat screen on the wall to watch the ultrasound from instead of the tiny u/s machine screen. Well, that is what they had! The also had a computer that the doctor watched with the same images during the whole procedure. The tech started with measuring all the organs, bones, and head. Then one of the doctor's came back to take a better look at the head (brain) and heart. Let's just say Baylor was not in the mood for any of this on Monday afternoon. I think it was in the middle of his afternoon nap time. It took a lot of shaking, pressure, and time to finally get the views they wanted to see.

When the doctor was complete she said she did not see any indicators of Down's so my risk went from 1 in 84 to 1 in 160. This number is still very high for my age,but at least it doubled and it's going up. They do want to see us again in 4 weeks to take another look at his heart. I was a little worried about this, but I'm thinking they want to do just in case their are any changes between now and then. To say this appointment was stressful would be an understatement. I didn't realize how nervous I was until the night and morning before. I'm just glad it's almost over.

I got a really good "BOY" shot of him. They also gave us a cute foot shot and face shot. I will post these in a few days when our computer is back and running like it should. It crashed with a virus yesterday afternoon and I'm so thankful Jonathan has it back and running. We just have to re-download every program back to it.

Jonathan and I go back for our next OB appt on July 14th. We are also getting another U/S that day. I'm excited Jonathan will get to see how much he has grown. I was shocked when I saw him on Monday. Then our next appt at UAB is scheduled for July 27th.

I do want to ask that everyone say a little prayer for some very good friends of both Jonathan and I. They will be welcoming their little boy, Daniel "Hubb"ard Vinson later this afternoon. Jonathan and Hubb's daddy have been best friends for years and we are so excited to meet this little guy.


Mommy and a Ministry said...

We are praying for you! The Lord has little Baylor in His hands.

Jessica said...

Thanks Kim!

WoodardFamily said...

So glad the ultrasound went well! Praying for your growing family!