Saturday, September 19, 2009

29 Weeks!!!

Baby Journal Update:

Your baby is now about 15 inches long and weighs around 2-3/4 pounds. The head is getting bigger as the brain grows and develops. The skull remains flexible to enable the head- the largest part of the body- to squeeze through the birth canal, even though the rest of the skeleton begins to harden. It will remain slightly soft in places after birth. A newborn's head has soft spots that you can feel where the skull has not yet fused; they're called fontanels.

Your baby's senses are already up and functioning. He can see light and dark, receive sensations from touch, and the taste buds are even well-developed enough that the tastes of sweet and sour are discernible. Perhaps most exciting for you is your baby's hearing ability. Already he can hear your voice, music, and other sounds. A very loud noise will cause him to startle in the womb.

Yesterday afternoon I talked to my BCBS nurse. I signed up for the Baby Yourself Program when I first got pregnant. It's free and all you do is talk to a nurse once a month about your doctor's appointments, any questions you may have forgotten to ask your doctor, and they send you little gifts. I love my nurse, Amanda. Yesterday we discussed my glucose test. She made me feel so much better about the whole situation. First she said that there is a good possibility that I will pass the 3 hr test next week. Then she said some of the healthiest, smallest women get GD's. There isn't anything I've done to cause it. It is just how my body is responding to all the hormone changes. She also said that there is no way of knowing who is going to get it. It amazes her who gets it and sometimes who doesn't when you would expect them to have it. She is going to send me a little book on the Diabetic Diet just so I can have it. She said hopefully I won't need it and can pass it along to a friend. If I do fail my test she said the diet is not bad at all. She did warn me to not be alarmed if I do go on the diet and I don't gain anymore weight or lose weight. It is very common. She said very rarely will a woman have to go on insulin and that if they do they are just being defiant. The best news she gave me was that Baylor will NOT have to go to NICU if I do have GD's. For some reason I thought he would,but again she said that is only if I am not controlling my sugar's which rarely ever happens. She said some women just go into denial and have a hard time with it,but I'm ready either way. I actually told her that going on the diabetic diet wouldn't be a bad thing bc I can always learn to eat better. She agrees and does a lot of disease education and thinks that it is a good idea for everyone to go by a diabetic diet bc you can still eat so much,but you just learn to eat healthier. I will be sure and keep you posted on the outcome of the 3 hr test next Thursday.

Q&A's from the Mommy-to-Be!

How far along are you? 29 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain? 12 lbs as of my appt on Tuesday,but I think I'm down some bc of my virus this week.

Maternity Clothes? sometimes... I discovered I can still wear my prepregnancy jeans! I never tried bc I just assumed I couldn't. My maternity jeans are much more comfy, though!

Sleep? some nights good and some nights not so good.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing Baylor on 4D! He looks so sweet!!!

Food Cravings? nope

Gender? Frog's, Snail's, and Puppy-Dog's Tails!!!

Labor Signs? no!

Belly Button? still in there :)

What I miss the most? sleep... I guess?

What I'm looking forward to the most? Meeting, holding, kissing, seeing, and everything Baylor!

Milestones? only 2 more months!!!

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