Saturday, September 26, 2009

30 Weeks!!!

What's happening this week:
We're up to 3lbs, 15-1/2 inches, now. As more space is needed in your nearly stretched-to-the-limit uterus, several things happen. The uterus expands upward, shifting your center of gravity. (This contributes to the swayback posture characteristic of late pregnancy.) The amount of amniotic fluid in the sac also diminishes a bit to make room for the baby.

The brain-which is one of the body's few organs that will not be fully developed at birth-is changing appearance as it develops. Originally, the surface was fairly smooth, but now distinctive ridges (the gyri) and grooves (the sulci and deeper fissures) form. These brain folds and wrinkles maximize its surface area within a small space. The brain does the majority of it's "wiring up"- building connections between neurons that affect thinking and learning- in the first year after birth.

Now for my 30 week update- I've had a rough week of heartburn 24 hours a day. It gets a lot worse at night. I have tried sleeping sitting up, drinking milk (which I read was good to do) before I go to bed, and several other things. I am on meds for a bladder infection that I started on Monday so I'm wondering if they have anything to do with how strong the heartburn has come on this week. I really hope it gets better soon. It doesn't matter what I eat. I still have it. My mom said she had it really bad with my brother. Maybe it's a boy thing- doubt it,but I would sure like to feel better.

Other than heartburn Baylor is rolling around in my tummy a lot during his regular schedule. It is so neat to see my whole belly move instead of a kick. He still like to kick or hit back at me when we listen to him on the doppler or if we try to feel him. It is so funny! I'm waiting to get my 3 hr glucose test results back. I'm hoping to hear something on Monday,but if not then I should find out at my OB appt. on Tuesday.

Let the 8 week Countdown begin!!!

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