Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthing Class #3! Hospital Tour!

Last night was our 3rd night of Birthing Class. We met over at OB/GYN Assoc for the first half of the class to go over our little lesson and a little show and tell of a lot of the instruments/equipment we were about to see over at the hospital on our tour. Then it was time to head over to East for our tour. Mary Jane went over everything we needed to do from the time we walked in the hospital til the time we were ready to leave. Once we talked about the admission process we headed up to Labor and Delivery. In the L&D suite she went over all the equipment and what happens in there from the time we change into our gown til after the baby is delivered and taken down to the nursery. We then made a trip down to the nursery and postpartum where she again went over everything that would happen in each place.

The things I found most important or informing were:

-if you deliver "naturally" the baby will stay in the suite with you for about a hour after delivery before being taken down to the nursery! During this time it is best if your going to breastfeed to go and and try it then. Do not let that time be the determining factor on whether your going to do it or not!

-Jonathan will take Baylor down to the nursery where he will be warmed, bathed, weighed, and some other things down. This is where she instructed the daddy's to take LOTS of pictures. Those of you there when this happens PLEASE remind Jonathan to keep snapping away! He will actually be in the nursery so he can get good pictures better than the one's through the glass.

- The daddy's were also instructed to take lots of picture during the delivery and she told them where to stand so they aren't in the "crime scene" as she calls it. Then follow Baylor over to the warmer in the L&D room where they clean him up some and wrap him in blanket to take LOTS of pictures. I really like how she told them when they should be taking pictures bc she said the mommy's will never get to see it unless we have the pictures.

-The down side to a C-section is you lose that one hour of bonding with the baby right after he is born,but the upside she said is their head and face look really good from not having to go through the birth canal.

Those are few of the things she let us in on last night. She did remind the guys once we get to Postpartum that is the perfect time for our presents. Remember the sparkly presents she informed the guys they needed to get the new mommies? She heard Jonathan say you have me, that is the only present you need. She looked at him like he lost his mind and said YEAH RIGHT!

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