Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Birthing Class!

Good Job, Daddy! He put the diaper on correctly.

Last night was our 5th and Final Birthing Class. We went over pushing techniques, natural deliveries, and C-sections. We actually had to practice the pushing position and holding our breath without the pushing, HA! Let's just say, I think I realized how hard pushing will be and I wasn't even doing it for real,but just getting in the position with a big belly is tough!
After we went over our little lesson and watched a video on C-sections each Daddy-to-Be had to go in front of the class and put a diaper on the baby doll. If the guys couldn't do it then Mary Jane said she was gonna keep our Baby's once they arrived. I love that she made all the daddy's do this. She said now they can't say they have never changed a diaper when the Baby's get here. No excuses, Daddy's! Then Mary Jane gave each couple a Baby's First Bible, so sweet!
I can't believe how fast are 5 weeks went by. We really enjoyed every class. Mary Jane is so informative and entertaining at the same time. Our main goal we focused on was having a healthy baby. Nothing else matters: natural or c-section, meds or no meds, forceps, vacuum, or any other complication that might make you change the plan you had in visioned as long as you have a healthy baby when it's over that is all that counts!
Next up is my 3 hour Glucose test tomorrow. I'm just ready to know one way or the other. I will be sure to update on here as soon as I find out.

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