Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baylor in 4D!!!

Baylor flexing!

Such a sweet Baby Boy!

Mommy's Lips!

A Sleepy Baby!

This morning Jonathan and I had our 4D ultrasound! I can't tell you how exciting it is to "see" your baby for the first time up close and personal. We asked Baylor's, Granna to come watch the ultrasound too. As soon as he came up on the screen Jonathan said "he has Jessica's nose." It was also very obvious that he had my full lips. To me the nose looks like a mixture of both of ours put together,but the Daddy-to-Be insist it's mine. The overall head and face structure looks like both of us we think. We also found out he already has a little bit of hair and he weighs in right around 3lbs.
Of course he may have some obvious mommy features,but he is already acting like his daddy. He once again was being a little stubborn, and was trying to sleep. He would hit at Julie whenever she pressed on him. He also did the same to me when she had me press on my stomach. He was such a sleepy baby. He kept rubbing his eyes. We saw him open his eyes several times, open his mouth, and stick out his tongue. It is still so amazing that technology allows us to get such a good look at our little miracle before he arrives. I know it is something we will never forget.

Appointment Update:

-BP was good today! Again, Dr. D just thinks I might be one of those women who have high BP 20% and the other 80% it will be perfect.
-I gained 3 pounds. Total of 12 lbs now.

-My CBC (blood work)-came back normal. No signs of toxemia!
-I think I have a bladder infection so they are sending out a culture and I will get that back probably at the end of the week.
- My glucose test (for gestational diabetes that every preggo takes) results should come back tomorrow. Please say a little prayer.
-Baylor is head down already! At this point they usually stay in the same position unless I have a lot of extra amino fluid which I don't. This looks good for a "natural" delivery.
-Baylor is in the 65% percentile based on his size.
-Next OB appt in 2 weeks.
Now I'm going to post some pictures from today. We have 20 pictures printed out and a CD with all of those plus about 15 more. As soon as I download more I will continue to post some on here for ya'll to see!

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