Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthing Class #2! Jonathan's Belly Pictures!!!

Last night Jonathan and I had our 2nd birthing class and he was one of the lucky men to get to wear the empathy belly. It is a 35 pound belly that looks like a pregnant ladies belly. He had to wear it for about 15 minutes while we went over our little lesson for the night. I think I heard him complain at least 3 times in that short period. I honestly don't think men have any idea how hard it is to sleep, bend down, sit, or do everything else we do as preggo's. I'm glad he got a little taste of what it's like!

Enjoy his pictures. I think we will get the pictures Mary Jane took of him at our class next Tuesday.

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The Cobbs said...

I LOVE it!! :) I think he should have to wear it for an entire 24 hour period to get a really good taste of it! ;)