Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30 Week OB Appt!

I had a good appt today with Dr. D. My blood pressure was good, I lost 1 pound (total weight gain 11lbs), Baylor's HR was in the 140's, and my belly measured pretty close to perfect- 30 Weeks, and I'm 30 Weeks, 3 Days. I'm usually a little ahead so I'm guess my growth slowed down just a bit, but everything looked great. I go back in 2 weeks which is October 13th for my next appt.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I found out today I passed my 3hr glucose test which means NO gestational diabetes for me!!! I'm so relieved.

I will update tomorrow after my OB appointment. It's going to be weird not having our Birthing Classes on Tuesday evenings anymore.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


7 1/2 Months Preggo! Less than 2 to go!!!

The 3 preggos at Summer's Baby Shower!
(Courtney- 4 mos, Summer 7 mos, Me- 7 1/2 mos)

My Precious Nephew! (Grayden was with his Mimi and Pops)

Baylor's swing!

Baylor's Pac-N-Play!

I needed to download some pictures so I figured I would share some... The first two are me at 30 weeks, 1 day. Then Riley getting ready to cheer on the Auburn Tigers! The last two are Jonathan's latest projects- putting Baylor's "stuff" together. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

30 Weeks!!!

What's happening this week:
We're up to 3lbs, 15-1/2 inches, now. As more space is needed in your nearly stretched-to-the-limit uterus, several things happen. The uterus expands upward, shifting your center of gravity. (This contributes to the swayback posture characteristic of late pregnancy.) The amount of amniotic fluid in the sac also diminishes a bit to make room for the baby.

The brain-which is one of the body's few organs that will not be fully developed at birth-is changing appearance as it develops. Originally, the surface was fairly smooth, but now distinctive ridges (the gyri) and grooves (the sulci and deeper fissures) form. These brain folds and wrinkles maximize its surface area within a small space. The brain does the majority of it's "wiring up"- building connections between neurons that affect thinking and learning- in the first year after birth.

Now for my 30 week update- I've had a rough week of heartburn 24 hours a day. It gets a lot worse at night. I have tried sleeping sitting up, drinking milk (which I read was good to do) before I go to bed, and several other things. I am on meds for a bladder infection that I started on Monday so I'm wondering if they have anything to do with how strong the heartburn has come on this week. I really hope it gets better soon. It doesn't matter what I eat. I still have it. My mom said she had it really bad with my brother. Maybe it's a boy thing- doubt it,but I would sure like to feel better.

Other than heartburn Baylor is rolling around in my tummy a lot during his regular schedule. It is so neat to see my whole belly move instead of a kick. He still like to kick or hit back at me when we listen to him on the doppler or if we try to feel him. It is so funny! I'm waiting to get my 3 hr glucose test results back. I'm hoping to hear something on Monday,but if not then I should find out at my OB appt. on Tuesday.

Let the 8 week Countdown begin!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Birthing Class!

Good Job, Daddy! He put the diaper on correctly.

Last night was our 5th and Final Birthing Class. We went over pushing techniques, natural deliveries, and C-sections. We actually had to practice the pushing position and holding our breath without the pushing, HA! Let's just say, I think I realized how hard pushing will be and I wasn't even doing it for real,but just getting in the position with a big belly is tough!
After we went over our little lesson and watched a video on C-sections each Daddy-to-Be had to go in front of the class and put a diaper on the baby doll. If the guys couldn't do it then Mary Jane said she was gonna keep our Baby's once they arrived. I love that she made all the daddy's do this. She said now they can't say they have never changed a diaper when the Baby's get here. No excuses, Daddy's! Then Mary Jane gave each couple a Baby's First Bible, so sweet!
I can't believe how fast are 5 weeks went by. We really enjoyed every class. Mary Jane is so informative and entertaining at the same time. Our main goal we focused on was having a healthy baby. Nothing else matters: natural or c-section, meds or no meds, forceps, vacuum, or any other complication that might make you change the plan you had in visioned as long as you have a healthy baby when it's over that is all that counts!
Next up is my 3 hour Glucose test tomorrow. I'm just ready to know one way or the other. I will be sure to update on here as soon as I find out.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Shower #1!!!

The Cute Invite!

The Diaper Cake!

Watermelon Carriage, adorable:)

Baylor's Baby Book!

The cute cake!

My Riley helping me open gifts!

Me and Mama!

Baylor is going to be one spoiled Little Boy!

Today I had my first Baby Shower and Boy was I showered! 3 of my sweet friends from work through the shower for me and Baylor and everything was so cute. They really out did themselves. Baylor also has so many people that came to spoil him today. Jonathan and I are amazed at all the Baby Loot we recieved. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

29 Weeks!!!

Baby Journal Update:

Your baby is now about 15 inches long and weighs around 2-3/4 pounds. The head is getting bigger as the brain grows and develops. The skull remains flexible to enable the head- the largest part of the body- to squeeze through the birth canal, even though the rest of the skeleton begins to harden. It will remain slightly soft in places after birth. A newborn's head has soft spots that you can feel where the skull has not yet fused; they're called fontanels.

Your baby's senses are already up and functioning. He can see light and dark, receive sensations from touch, and the taste buds are even well-developed enough that the tastes of sweet and sour are discernible. Perhaps most exciting for you is your baby's hearing ability. Already he can hear your voice, music, and other sounds. A very loud noise will cause him to startle in the womb.

Yesterday afternoon I talked to my BCBS nurse. I signed up for the Baby Yourself Program when I first got pregnant. It's free and all you do is talk to a nurse once a month about your doctor's appointments, any questions you may have forgotten to ask your doctor, and they send you little gifts. I love my nurse, Amanda. Yesterday we discussed my glucose test. She made me feel so much better about the whole situation. First she said that there is a good possibility that I will pass the 3 hr test next week. Then she said some of the healthiest, smallest women get GD's. There isn't anything I've done to cause it. It is just how my body is responding to all the hormone changes. She also said that there is no way of knowing who is going to get it. It amazes her who gets it and sometimes who doesn't when you would expect them to have it. She is going to send me a little book on the Diabetic Diet just so I can have it. She said hopefully I won't need it and can pass it along to a friend. If I do fail my test she said the diet is not bad at all. She did warn me to not be alarmed if I do go on the diet and I don't gain anymore weight or lose weight. It is very common. She said very rarely will a woman have to go on insulin and that if they do they are just being defiant. The best news she gave me was that Baylor will NOT have to go to NICU if I do have GD's. For some reason I thought he would,but again she said that is only if I am not controlling my sugar's which rarely ever happens. She said some women just go into denial and have a hard time with it,but I'm ready either way. I actually told her that going on the diabetic diet wouldn't be a bad thing bc I can always learn to eat better. She agrees and does a lot of disease education and thinks that it is a good idea for everyone to go by a diabetic diet bc you can still eat so much,but you just learn to eat healthier. I will be sure and keep you posted on the outcome of the 3 hr test next Thursday.

Q&A's from the Mommy-to-Be!

How far along are you? 29 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain? 12 lbs as of my appt on Tuesday,but I think I'm down some bc of my virus this week.

Maternity Clothes? sometimes... I discovered I can still wear my prepregnancy jeans! I never tried bc I just assumed I couldn't. My maternity jeans are much more comfy, though!

Sleep? some nights good and some nights not so good.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing Baylor on 4D! He looks so sweet!!!

Food Cravings? nope

Gender? Frog's, Snail's, and Puppy-Dog's Tails!!!

Labor Signs? no!

Belly Button? still in there :)

What I miss the most? sleep... I guess?

What I'm looking forward to the most? Meeting, holding, kissing, seeing, and everything Baylor!

Milestones? only 2 more months!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Failed :(

Yep I failed my 1 hour glucose test. Dr. D's office called me on Wednesday morning to let me know. They like for your number to be under 140 and mine was 158. Now I am scheduled for the 3hr glucose test next Thursday morning at 7:30. This will let us know for sure if I do have Gestational Diabetes. My doctor's office did tell me that just by failing the 1 hr does not mean I will fail the 3 hr test, which makes me feel a little better. I must say it makes me feel bad,but I keep reminding myself I was already at a higher risk because of my PCOS. I stopped taking my glucophage at 13 weeks pregnant. If I do fail the 3 hr it won't be the end of the road and I'm happy to say that don't put patients on insulin unless the diet is not working for them. Sometimes patients sugar levels don't change on the diet and sometimes patients lose a lot of weight fast and they will have to put them on insulin. At least I only have 2 months left til Baylor arrives so either way diet or insulin if I need either I can handle for that short amount of time.

I will be sure and keep you all posted on how the test comes out next Thursday.

On another note. I'm getting over a nasty stomach bug. I'm started to feel a lot better today. I'm still a little weak, but it's getting better. I've just heard of 2 other people I know that have had it and my doctor's office said they have had other patients with it. I hope none of you get it.

Now I'm ready for an exciting weekend. I'm having my first shower on Sunday afternoon! It is being given by some sweet friends from work. I will be sure and take lots of pictures to share!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baylor in 4D!!!

Baylor flexing!

Such a sweet Baby Boy!

Mommy's Lips!

A Sleepy Baby!

This morning Jonathan and I had our 4D ultrasound! I can't tell you how exciting it is to "see" your baby for the first time up close and personal. We asked Baylor's, Granna to come watch the ultrasound too. As soon as he came up on the screen Jonathan said "he has Jessica's nose." It was also very obvious that he had my full lips. To me the nose looks like a mixture of both of ours put together,but the Daddy-to-Be insist it's mine. The overall head and face structure looks like both of us we think. We also found out he already has a little bit of hair and he weighs in right around 3lbs.
Of course he may have some obvious mommy features,but he is already acting like his daddy. He once again was being a little stubborn, and was trying to sleep. He would hit at Julie whenever she pressed on him. He also did the same to me when she had me press on my stomach. He was such a sleepy baby. He kept rubbing his eyes. We saw him open his eyes several times, open his mouth, and stick out his tongue. It is still so amazing that technology allows us to get such a good look at our little miracle before he arrives. I know it is something we will never forget.

Appointment Update:

-BP was good today! Again, Dr. D just thinks I might be one of those women who have high BP 20% and the other 80% it will be perfect.
-I gained 3 pounds. Total of 12 lbs now.

-My CBC (blood work)-came back normal. No signs of toxemia!
-I think I have a bladder infection so they are sending out a culture and I will get that back probably at the end of the week.
- My glucose test (for gestational diabetes that every preggo takes) results should come back tomorrow. Please say a little prayer.
-Baylor is head down already! At this point they usually stay in the same position unless I have a lot of extra amino fluid which I don't. This looks good for a "natural" delivery.
-Baylor is in the 65% percentile based on his size.
-Next OB appt in 2 weeks.
Now I'm going to post some pictures from today. We have 20 pictures printed out and a CD with all of those plus about 15 more. As soon as I download more I will continue to post some on here for ya'll to see!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

28 Weeks!!! 7 Months!!!

During the second trimester the growth rate of an individual fetus begins to vary somewhat based on genetics and other factors. By this week, the average baby measures a little over 14 inches and weighs around 2 pounds. He continues to look fuller as fat tissue is added. The skin still thin and a shiny pink, but begins to appear more opaque.

One thing you might notice more ofter now: hiccups. They feel like repetitive blips, and happen more often now as your baby's respiratory system continues to develop.

Now my 28 week update... I am feeling more fatigued this weekend,but I have been home resting since a little incident last Tuesday evening. I started having heart palpitations late Tuesday night and on Wednesday afternoon they started back up. I spoke to the one of the OB/GYN doctor's and he told me to come in to Labor and Delivery. There they just did a EKG monitored my blood pressure/ HR, and Baylor. Baylor looked GREAT! The dr. I saw that night said if he didn't know I was 27 1/2 weeks pregnant he would've thought I had a 32 week old baby as good as his heart looked on the monitor with everything going on with me. That was very reassuring to hear. My HR and BP both came back down. He said this happens sometimes because of all the extra blood flow through the heart during pregnancy that the heart is not use to pumping. I was sent home a couple hours later and told not to try going back to work til at least Monday.

I seem to be feeling better. My BP has been a little higher than I would like,but not considered bad and I am swelling some in my hands and feet. I go back to Dr. D on Tuesday for our big appt. I have my glucose test, 4D Ultrasound, and 7 month OB appt. Dr. D and I will discuss what happened last week and there is a possibility that I could wear a heart monitor for a few days so if another episode happens they can record it,but I will know more Tuesday.

Jonathan and I can't wait for the 4D ultrasound. I can't wait to see who he looks like, how big he is, and just see him again. If feels like it's been a while. I will be sure and post pictures that evening after our birthing class or Wednesday evening.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nursery Update!

The Finished Product!

Baylor's Bedding!

Tonight my sorority sister Mary Causey came over and hung Baylor's valance for me. She did such an amazing job! Jonathan and I are so pleased with how it turned out. The next project I'm going to have Mary do for us is make Baylor's skirt and topper for his little round table we are putting in his nursery. The skirt will be the Cottontale Toile and I haven't decided yet on which fabric to use for the topper. I will be sure and post a picture as soon as it's complete. Mary's blog is MaryMadeblog.blogspot.com be sure to check her out if your looking for any type of window treatments, pillows, bed skirts, and so much more!

I posted a picture of our final decision on the bedding. I know it's not any of the bedding's I previously posted. Well I have loved the Cottontale fabric since I first saw it and so did Jonathan. I was not 100% on the octagon pattern in the other sets. I thought it may be a little to modern for my taste. I called JavisDavis up and she played around with different fabrics and this is the one we both LOVE! So did most of you who saw the cottontale designs I emailed you. I love the yellow in it. I think when it gets in his nursery with his white furniture it is going to look so cute. I can't wait to have it completed.

Up next getting the glider covered and finding some accent pieces for his room. I don't know what I would do with myself if I was already done with his nursery. It sure makes time go by faster as I'm continuing to work on finishing everything up. I will continue to post pictures of our progress!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthing Class #3! Hospital Tour!

Last night was our 3rd night of Birthing Class. We met over at OB/GYN Assoc for the first half of the class to go over our little lesson and a little show and tell of a lot of the instruments/equipment we were about to see over at the hospital on our tour. Then it was time to head over to East for our tour. Mary Jane went over everything we needed to do from the time we walked in the hospital til the time we were ready to leave. Once we talked about the admission process we headed up to Labor and Delivery. In the L&D suite she went over all the equipment and what happens in there from the time we change into our gown til after the baby is delivered and taken down to the nursery. We then made a trip down to the nursery and postpartum where she again went over everything that would happen in each place.

The things I found most important or informing were:

-if you deliver "naturally" the baby will stay in the suite with you for about a hour after delivery before being taken down to the nursery! During this time it is best if your going to breastfeed to go and and try it then. Do not let that time be the determining factor on whether your going to do it or not!

-Jonathan will take Baylor down to the nursery where he will be warmed, bathed, weighed, and some other things down. This is where she instructed the daddy's to take LOTS of pictures. Those of you there when this happens PLEASE remind Jonathan to keep snapping away! He will actually be in the nursery so he can get good pictures better than the one's through the glass.

- The daddy's were also instructed to take lots of picture during the delivery and she told them where to stand so they aren't in the "crime scene" as she calls it. Then follow Baylor over to the warmer in the L&D room where they clean him up some and wrap him in blanket to take LOTS of pictures. I really like how she told them when they should be taking pictures bc she said the mommy's will never get to see it unless we have the pictures.

-The down side to a C-section is you lose that one hour of bonding with the baby right after he is born,but the upside she said is their head and face look really good from not having to go through the birth canal.

Those are few of the things she let us in on last night. She did remind the guys once we get to Postpartum that is the perfect time for our presents. Remember the sparkly presents she informed the guys they needed to get the new mommies? She heard Jonathan say you have me, that is the only present you need. She looked at him like he lost his mind and said YEAH RIGHT!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Uncle Jonathan with his 2 Favorite Buds!

Riley with "his" Jonathan!

Grayden sucking his fingers like his Aunt Jessica did was she was little!

Repeat.... I can't figure out how to delete it:)

Last night was a great kick off for The Tigers! They looked pretty good all 4 quarters. I can't wait to see what they do the rest of the season. Jonathan and I went over to my mom's house to watch the game with her, my brother, Meribeth, Riley, and Grayden. I think the absence of my daddy was felt,but I know he was watching from Heaven. You can't get a better seat than that! Oh and I'm proud to say Baylor enjoyed the game. He was kicking away off and on throughout the whole thing and that is not his usual routine. He usually starts when I get in bed. I can already tell he's going to be an Auburn fan!

Jonathan's team (Bama) also pulled out a win last. I know Jonathan wasn't very pleased,but at least they got a W!

27 Weeks!!! 3rd Trimester!!!

Yesterday I started the 3rd Trimester! Everyone keeps telling me the 3rd will go by faster than the 2nd. If so, it going to fly because the 2nd seemed liked it flew by for me for the most part.

Baby Journal Update:
This week your baby is now about 14 inches and weighs around 2 pounds, and is beginning to open and close his eyes around this time. The retina, which receives light information, is starting to function, and the the brain is maturing and able to interpret this information. A baby can not only recognize light shinning through your belly, but also turns his eyes toward it.

Your baby has probably adopted a consistent sleep-wake cycle, which may be the reverse of your own. (Your movements by day lull your baby to sleep. Many parents must teach their newborns the difference between night and day partly because of this.)

My next appt is a week from this Tuesday, Sept 15th. I have my glucose test, 4D ultrasound, and and 7th month OB appt. After that appt we will be going every 2 weeks until we start our weekly appts about a month out from Baylor's arrival.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Tomorrow is the kickoff to Auburn's 2009 Football Season and I couldn't be more excited. I LOVE this time of the year as do so many others! This season will be so different for many reasons. The biggest one being that my dad won't be here. He LOVED Auburn Football. It's going to be weird not hearing him out on the back porch watching the game yelling at the TV when Auburn is not doing a good job or when a wrong call is made. Sometimes he would get so mad he would go back to their bedroom if Auburn was just horrible that day or if we were too loud for him in the living room. He will be especially missed tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day and their team wins tomorrow! WAR EAGLE!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthing Class #2! Jonathan's Belly Pictures!!!

Last night Jonathan and I had our 2nd birthing class and he was one of the lucky men to get to wear the empathy belly. It is a 35 pound belly that looks like a pregnant ladies belly. He had to wear it for about 15 minutes while we went over our little lesson for the night. I think I heard him complain at least 3 times in that short period. I honestly don't think men have any idea how hard it is to sleep, bend down, sit, or do everything else we do as preggo's. I'm glad he got a little taste of what it's like!

Enjoy his pictures. I think we will get the pictures Mary Jane took of him at our class next Tuesday.